Our Ingredients

Harnn + Thann products contain the finest quality natural ingredients, extensively sourced from around the world. You can really feel the quality of our products in their texture and aroma. Above all, we are committed to developing products that allow the essential oils to work the most effectively, and that smell wonderful.


  • We only use essential oils that are extracted from original, single plant species ie from the purest sources with traceability back to the farmer.
  • We pick the right plant species from the right region with the right growing conditions that are historically proven to produce aromatherapy grade essential oils.
  • We are in constant touch with our harvesters, distillers and manufacturers and we endorse fair trade practices.


  • We use high levels of natural ingredients.
  • For instance, our bath & shower oils have a 30% essential oil content and our gels have a floral water base (rather than just water).
  • We do not use mineral or sulphonated oils which can block the performance of the essential oils.
  • We do not use GM ingredients or animal by-products based ingredients*.
  • We do not use petrolatum, propylene glycol or PEGs.
  • We do not use any added colour.

We play an active role in the production of our products from plant through to bottle, exercising stringent quality control at every stage of the process. This philosophy of quality flows through everything – from sourcing to product development to blending the oils and creating the aroma to packaging and dispatch.

Majority of our products for bath & shower, body, face, room fragrances and essences – are paraben (preservative) free and contain pure plant and essential oils.

We love using natural ingredients but we never want to compromise on product safety or stability, so we use a limited number of preservative systems in our gels and lotions where absolutely necessary, making sure that they do not compromise the efficacy of our products. The European Union Standard of Practice limits the use of Paraben to not more than 0.8 per cent, with most industry norms products coming in between 0.6 – 1.0 per cents. Majority of Harnn + Thann products currently measured at 0.025 per cents, and it should be noted that through technology advances, we are now able to successfully introduce a paraben-free shower gels and lotion.

All our raw materials are sourced with care and consideration for the environment and we strive for sustainability of species at source.

We take environmental issues into account when we source our packaging. The cardboard we use for our boxes comes from sustainable resources and is, along with the plastic and glass used for our bottles, recyclable.