Our Story

Thann Sanctuary Spa, voted as the Top 55 Best Spa by Conde Nast Traveller, is an oasis of peace and tranquillity, offering a wide range of spa treatments based on Thann’s art and science of natural therapy. From the moment you step into Thann Sanctuary, all senses will be awakened by our unique holistic spa concept and ambience. Exotic aromas mingled effortlessly with soothing music playing in the background create a contemplative, mystic yet modern aura while one wanders in the sanctuary to escape the chaos of urban living. The use of warm grey tone, rich organic texture, subdued lighting and award-winning furniture pieces induces calm, tranquillity and ultimately creating a cocooning effect in contrast to the hectic life. From there, it’s time to leave the world behind you and enter a new dimension of relaxation, which begins with a private consultation and a calming, complimentary infused seasonal beverage.

Regain a harmonious equilibrium by experiencing our signature therapies, such as Thann Aromatic Massage – a deep tissue oil massage, using palm strokes and thumb pressures to relieve and heal muscular pains or Harnn White Jasmine Therapy – a complete spa experience to tantalize your senses from head to toe with exotic sensual scent of pure jasmine essential oil as the ultimate luxury from natural eastern flora and a selections of our result oriented facial, which take it beyond cleansing and moisturising into connective energy facial massage and holistic de-stressing aim to resort radiance and ultimate glow

The spa also invites guests to indulge in memorable spa rituals, such as the Essence of Thann or Oriental Rainforest, each combining several carefully selected individual treatments to create a uniquely relaxing and healing experience.

All therapists are highly train, and certified with extensive knowledge on anatomy, aromatherapy and massage techniques. Simply close your eyes, relax in the hands of our experience therapists, and enjoy moment of relaxation, re-discover your inner physical and mental wellness.

THANN Sanctuary Spa – a sanctuary of serenity and senses.