The Thann Differences

Thann Sanctuary is designed to evoke all senses. The interior use of warm grey tone, rich organic texture, subdued designer lighting, ascent deco and award-winning furniture pieces aim to induces calm, tranquility and ultimately creating a cocooning effect in contrast to the hectic life.

Our international team of therapists is fully committed to excellence, infused with enthusiasm and pride in delivering a personalized, dedicated service.  They are trained by the very same set of spa professionals working with international acclaimed hotel and independent spa such as Chiva-Som, Crown, Hyatt, Hilton and Shangri La, and are certified with extensive knowledge on anatomy, aromatherapy and massage techniques.

All our products contain the finest quality natural ingredients, extensively sourced from around the world. Blending using rice bran oil rich in natural antioxidants, vitamin E to fight free radicals and concentrated botanical essential oils with a higher than average blending strengths to elevate the therapeutic benefits. Pure nature – with no artificial colour, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives, alcohols and animal-by-products. We do not use mineral or sulphonated oils which can block the performance of the essential oils.

You personal wellbeing and safety is our utmost concern. All tools, equipment and instruments are medically sterilized between uses. Our sheets and towels are change immediately after each session, and send for professionally cleaning/dry clean using medical grade detergents. Thann Sanctuary’s sterilization method ensures that our instruments will be 100% free of HIV, fungus, bacteria, viruses and spores.

Thann Sanctuary, we are fully committed to respecting your privacy. Thann Sanctuary is committed to ensuring the security of your personal information and we will take all reasonable precautions to protect this information from loss, misuse or alteration. Our therapists are trained not to disclose any private information you have provided or shared during treatments with anyone at all times. We value your trust and will endeavor to keep it.

Our therapists are fully trained to ensure your treatments are some of the best you will experience. Communication with the therapist is important.  Thann Sanctuary understand no two are alike, hence all aspects of treatment can be customized to suit you, including lighting levels, music, room temperature, and whether you choose to have a conversation or enjoy the treatment in silence.

Discuss the type of procedure, and any concerns you may have.  If at any time during the treatment you experience discomfort, do not hesitate to inform the therapist. If you prefer Vanilla Green tea over Bhal Fruit tea, let us know. If you want the therapist to give you a deeper massage, or be gentler, let him or her know. Thann Sanctuary cherishes individuality; it’s your comfort, and your enjoyment that matters to us.