1. Can I give the free treatment session to my friend/family?
    At Thann Sanctuary, we believe in being flexible. Should you inform us which treatment you would like to give away prior in signing up, we can definitely do so. However, do note that, once the treatment has been allocated, we will be unable to reverse the transaction.
  2. I am a member, and will be coming to the Spa with my friend who will also be having a treatment… will he/she be entitled to the 10% Discount Rebate on Spa Treatment? Can my visiting friends or family use my discount? If I refer my friends to you, do they get discount?
    Unfortunately no. Our membership privileges are strictly reserve to Thann WellBeing Member. Thann WellBeing Membership is strictly non-transferable.
  3. How does Thann WellBeing Membership Point System works?
    For every treatment or product purchase, member are entitle to a 10% rebate. They will be able to use these points to offset their next treatment or product purchase. These points will expire 12 months from the date of sign up.