1. What is so special about your massage oil?
    All our products are made from Pure Nature and it contain the finest natural ingredients with no artificial colour, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservative, and animal by products or SLES. Our massage oil has been formulated with Rice Bran Oil, which is high in antioxidants, vitamin E to moisturize and to soften your skin, with a higher than average blending strength to elevate the therapeutic benefits. Easily absorb and will not clog your pore.
  2. Do I need to shower after a massage?
    We recommend you to leave the rice bran oil on your body for at least 2 hours before taking a shower in order to allow time for the essential oil to nourish & to penetrate into the skin for maximum benefit.
  3. I have a very sensitive skin. Will I be safe to use your product for massage?
    Yes, most definitely as all our product is free from artificial colour, synthetic fragrances, paraben, and harmful chemical addictive, animal by products or SLES.
  4. I have a very sensitive skin. Will it be safe to have a body scrub?
    Most definitely. We have a different blend of scrubs to suit all skin type. Simply highlight your concern to our Spa Coordinator and they will be more than happy to recommend you the right scrub for your body needs.