Specific Facial Treatments

Combining the nourishing properties of the finest skin-care products by Dr Grandel and La Prairie imported from Europe with the most enduring hands-on techniques to deliver visible results. All facials include specialized sonic cleaning,  double cleansing techniques, gentle exfoliation, acupressure facial massage and oriental head massage.

Vitamin Infusion Facial popular_icon
1hr 45min
This oxygenating, antioxidant signature treatment is designed for all skin types. Potent vitamin A, C and E repair and prevent the aging free radical damage resulting from environmental exposure. Skin is instantly relieve from pollutants and builds up a barrier against environmental strains while fading pigmentation problems and diminishing fine lines. Vital essential extracted from kiwi and the acerola cherry give the skin a luminous glow.

Purifying Oxygen Facial popular_icon
1hr 45min
Skin concerns are often caused by stress, diet or an ineffective skin care regime. Rebalance, decongest and purifies your skin with this deep pore cleansing and mattifying treatment. This treatment starts off with a gentle enzyme peel to exfoliate the dead skin cells, follow by an active oxygen concentrate to revitalizes the skin. A shiatsu pressure point massage detoxifies, while an anti-bacterial mask is used to speed healing and prevent future breakouts, leaving the skin calm, clear and rebalanced.

MDT5 Vitamin Infusion Facial signature-treatment-icon
1hr 45min
A clinical proven, results-driven nourishing treatment using a proprietary Molecular Dispersion Technology (MDT5) and a blend of highly engineered vitamins A, B3, B5, C and E to work on a deeper level. Appropriate for all skin types, this facial dramatically improves the appearance of moderate to severe blemishes, wrinkles, enlarge pore and even out pigmentation. The treatment includes a rose quartz facial massage and an indulgent shoulder and hand massage.

Anti-Aging Sensation Facial popular_icon
1hr 45min
Deeply hydrating and nourishing, this is the perfect treatment for stressed skin and helps the fight against signs of ageing. The structure of the skin is refined, while enhancing the supports to the tissue tones. Combine with a selection of highly effective products to instantly firm, rejuvenate and plump up the skin, while restoring its youthful tone and texture.

Absolute Hydration Marine Facial
1hr 45min
Dry air caused by air-conditioning, sunbathing or a naturally dry skin condition result in the loss of moisture to the skin leaving it feeling tight and flaky. Blue marine algae deeply hydrates and illuminates your skin, specifically reconstituting optimum hydration levels, leaving one’s skin immediate relieve and replacing much-needed moisture.

Regenerating Facial
1hr 45min
As we grow older, the lipid production of the skin declines significantly resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and loss of elasticity. This advance facial uses products rich in free radical scavengers, antioxidants and collagen resulting in a naturally firming and lifting treatment for mature or stressed skin. Your complexion will look smoother, feel softer and more supple, with a fresh and firmer appearance.

Sensitive Balance Facial
1hr 45min
This treatment contain products specially formulated with the proper balance of ceramide, designed to soothe sensitive, dry, irritated skin. Calming natural botanical extracts and precious natural oils reduce irritations, while additional selected active ingredients provide intensive moisture to the skin and improve the skin’s natural protective mechanisms. Scaly skin areas will become smooth, unpleasant itchiness and dryness will disappear, leaving the skin feeling beautifully soothed.

Non Invasive Blackhead Treatment signature-treatment-icon
An advanced deep cleansing peel off mask formulated with white mud, cucumber and shiso extract that works instantly to absorb excess sebum and effectively remove blackheads, whiteheads, and accumulated dead skin cells without using any manual harsh extraction technique. Treatment includes an enzyme peel, shoulder massage and ozone treatment to minimize breakout. Available only as an Recommended Add-on for our 75min or 1hr 45min facial ritual. Ideal as a monthly treatment to help tighten pores, clarify and enhance your skin’s ability to absorb nutrients from other masks and skincare products.


Offering specialist care for those delicate areas, these treatments can be added to our facial treatments for a complete facial experience.

Eye Care popular_icon
The tissues around the eye contour are the most delicate. Designed specifically to combat the ageing of the eye contour, this intensive treatment, combining science and nature, incorporates specific massage movements with the latest technological active ingredients to assist in the alleviation of visible signs of ageing, puffiness and fine lines around the eye contour zone.

Neck Care popular_icon
The skin of the neck and the décolleté has poor supportive tissue and is often excessively strained by bad posture or by the position during sleep. This is why this particular area is very quickly prone to wrinkles and show signs of early aging. This treatment smoothes away wrinkles, and neck contours are left appearing firmer with depth of wrinkles reduced.

Lip Care

A deeply hydrating treatment that helps to repair distressed lips and replenishes moisture loss. Contain a combination of naturally-derived ingredients to help condition, repair and prevent dry, flaky lips. Increases the skin’s natural ability to rebuild and renew skin, thereby, improving the overall density of the lip skin.


Intensify the results of your facial treatment with these advanced concentrated ampoules. Included in all Specific Facial Ritual and may be added as an recommended upgrade all other facials and body treatments.

A.H.A. Flash
Uncover the natural beauty of your skin with this mild but effective peeling using Alpha-hydroxy acids. Gently acts on the upper layer of your skin and it’s dead cells, allowing emerging skin to absorb more oxygen and nutrients resulting in a refined, clear complexion.
Ideal for: Acne/Oily Pimple Skin, Clients wanting radiances

An classical ampoule containing a series of complex active ingredients derived from wheat germ and wheat bran with instant firming effect. Promotes a firm, smooth and deeply hydrated skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles depth.
Ideal for: Firming, Anti Aging, Mid 20’s – 50’s

A complex of active ingredients with properties similar to those of collagen for intensive care of demanding skin. Containing a carrot extract and biopeptides, an alternative to animal source collagen to diminish wrinkle depth and gives the skin a smooth feel.
Ideal for: Demanding Skin, Reduce Wrinkle, Late 20’s – 50’s

Moisturizing concentrate with hyaluronic acid for the specific demands of dry rough skin in need of extra moisture. Beautifies the skin to a feeling of supple smoothness and elasticity.
Ideal for: Dry Skin

Hydro Marine
Vitalizing marine concentrate with an intensive moisturizing action. Provides the skin with renewed energy and a fresh and firm look.
Ideal for: Dry Skin